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How do time zones affect course analytics?

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I noticed in the evening the other day that in the Account Analytics page for our Summer 2018 courses, I could see page views and participation entries attributed to the following day (i.e., it was the 17th where I was, but we have students around the world for whom it was already the 18th--I'm assuming it was views from those students displaying).  

Shouldn't those entries be displaying in my own time zone? Or do accounts not have a time zone? Is this a bug or a feature?

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Here's the response from Instructure:

Thank you for reaching out to Canvas Support. I see exactly what you are saying and I understand what is going on here. I did read through and look at the resource document you linked for us, thank you for that. From what we have discovered and identified after digging around in our resource documents, this behavior is designed and expected this way as part of production. 

That being said, from that view and perspective, it may seem as though it is a "bug", however because of performance reasons we have it designed to view this way.