How do you add emojis to the titles of your course. I tried window button with >

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Trying to add emoji to my titles. Curriculum said it was as simple as using window and >.  I also tried adding the keyboard...but its white with no keyboard.

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If you have Windows 10 with the Fall Creators Update (released in Fall 2017) Windows system, then the keyboard shortcut is Win+. or Win+;

That is, hold down the Windows key while pressing period or semicolon. Do not hold the shift key down to get the greater than symbol >, just use Windows Key and either period or semicolon.

Mac users can use Command+Control+Space (according to the documentation I found, but I didn't verify it)

Another option that will work for everyone, not just modern Windows users, is to find your emoji in the Full Emoji List then select / copy it, switch to Canvas, and paste it in to the title.

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