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How do you export a rubric?

There are good answers for importing a rubric from excel, but is there any way to do the reverse?

Cutting and pasting from my browser is something I'm trying to avoid.



PS: I apologize if this is a duplicate post - I did try to find it...

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Are you wanting to export the rubric itself or the values in the rubric?

I once started to combine about four of my rubric scripts into one and was going to add the functionality to export a rubric so that it could be edited and re-imported with my script to import rubrics. I got sidetracked. In August, I wrote a script that would export the values from a rubric and set up the framework to export the contents of the rubric, but never finished it.

One thing you might be able to do is use the API to obtain the rubric, then copy/paste the content into a JSON to CSV converter.

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Hi James.

I was just trying to avoid losing the rubrics I created because I was treating the rubric as an answer key. It was the name value pairs I didn’t want to lose.


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