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How do you get your students to declare their own work according to your Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Policy?

I'm interested in learning how other institutions deal with academic integrity and online submissions for assignments.  

Do you have anywhere on the assignment page that says something similar to the following?:

"In accordance with the Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Policy:

I declare that:

 (1) this assignment is entirely my own work, except where I have included fully-documented references to the work of others;

(2) the material contained in this assignment has not previously been submitted for any other subject at the University or any other educational institution, except as otherwise permitted."

Do you use a pop-up as a confirmation?

Do you get students to add a page to written assignments which says as much?

Or do you simply write it in the assignment brief and remind students?

Looking forward to seeing your solutions.

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We use a .pdf file that states the academic honesty policy. The file is placed in an assignment for every course. The students download the file, digitally sign it, and then submit the signed file back to the assignment. That is how we do it. Smiley Happy 

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 @cwindsor ‌,

One thing we have done is use a "Practice Quiz" (so it is ungraded) as a way to acknowledge they have read and understand something.  They would make this acknowledgment at the beginning of the course to be able to work in the rest of the course.  For your example, the quiz would look something like this:

Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Acknowledgement

We would then put this quiz in its own module.  Then in the Edit Module Settings we would set a requirement that students must score 1/1 to meet the module requirements.

Edit Module Settings

Then in the Edit Module Settings for each module below, we would add the completion of that first module as a prerequisite. This would ensure that no other work could be done until they made the acknowledgement.

Module Settings-Prerequisites

For the students the modules would look like this:

Student Modules

Of course you should also make a start page or an announcement that lets the students know that they need to complete the acknowledgement before they can continue in the course. 

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 @jasoned ‌

That's really very interesting - what a great idea!  I think I might use this next term.

Thank you!

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My pleasure!  Glad to help.

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Community Advocate

Overall like Jason, we usually place a practice quiz with a question that is an "agreement statement" [it's part of our master template course]. In some classes we make it a pre-requisite but in most, we don't. For that use the pre-requisite we place a bolded notice on the front page noting that they need to complete the Academic Honesty Policies Agreement/Quiz in order to view the remainder of the course materials. In some classes we also might embed the agreement as a question added to every quiz (as a reminder).

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I draw up a contract at the start of the term  It includes what defines plagiarism and how to recognize it in their writing. 

It also provides consequences to their actions should they choose to ignore the request to quote, cite, and create a reference page regardless of what style we are using  

This year, I added links to websites that scan for plagiarism and they need to show me the results.

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Dear @Cheryl Camardo, did you have a chance to test Unicheck’s plagiarism checking tool? We have several great features that could be very useful for you and your students. These are Citations and Reference Detection and Contract Cheating Identification Engine (AI assistant called EMMA). 

The first one is the algorithm integrated into our similarity detection report. The second is an innovative Authorship Verification technology. It helps educators to find out whether the paper was actually written by a particular student. You can read more about this innovation here. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our 24/7 Support Team via