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How do you have students enter numerical answers with fractions or symbols?

Since math editor is NOT available for student answers, how do you have students enter fractions and use symbols (square roots, exponents, etc)?

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Community Team
Community Team

 @beverly_frederi , the math editor is available to students anywhere they have access to the Rich Content Editor. So, if you have created a quiz with an essay question response (text entry), the math editor is available for student answers. Please refer to How do I create an Essay quiz question? . In the screenshot under Student View for Essay Question, you will see that the π symbol that launches the LaTEX (math equation) editor will be available to them when they enter their responses.

So that would be under the essay question, not the numerical answer? Therefore, it can’t be graded as a numerical answer. It can also be done with just text, but that means you have to grade every problem?

 @beverly_frederi , the original question was about how students can enter fractions or square root symbols or other math formulas, and the essay question type would allow them to do that. However, if you also want the question to be automatically graded, you would have to provide them with a multiple choice question, since for that question type, the math editor is available for you to create the possible answer choices. Currently, the math editor is not available for fill-in-the-blank--so if you're looking for students to be able to enter a math formula and have it automatically graded, you won't be able to use that option.

The Canvas quiz tool is currently undergoing a major overhaul. You might have a look at Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine​ to see what's in the works for quizzes.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @beverly_frederi ​, we noticed it's been a while since you posted your question. Since we haven't heard back from you I'm going to go ahead and mark your question as assumed answered. If you're still having this problem please let us know or if you don't mind let us know what worked to resolve your problem.

Community Team
Community Team

Beverly has developed her question into a feature idea.  You can find it at

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Well, darnipoo   ... I clicked on that "idea" and was told there was this private group called "cold storage" that I'd have to join.  Something tells me this idea isn't on the verge of happening... 

If my students are going to learn about fractions, I need to have them enter them.   Yea verily even ... Mixed Numbers!   ALEKS can do it... Equatio on Google Docs can do it...