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How do you link to a previously-created page saved as a favorite in Commons via a button?

I saved a page to Commons and liked it as a favorite. Now I want to link my button to that page. I cannot see it in the dropdown menu of my pages, though. How do I get that page added to my link dropdown menu?

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Community Coach

@MissWarnerDubin ...

Canvas Commons is not a place where you will be able to link to content in Commons from your course.  Commons Overview (Instructors)  Commons is a large repository of resources that have been shared by Canvas users from all over the world.  The content in Commons is meant to be imported into your own course(s) for use.  It's not meant to be a place where you are linking to a resource in Commons from your own course...even if you have marked it as a "favorite".  The reason for "favorite" in Commons is so that you can find it more easily if you want to come back to it at a later time in Commons.  How do I add and manage Favorites in Commons?  Further, students never see Canvas Commons, so even if you were to link from your course to something in Commons, students wouldn't be able to access it.  If you want to link to content that you've found in Commons, you will first need to import that content into your own course.  How do I import and view a Commons resource in Canvas?  Then, you can link to it from your content page.  How do I insert links to course content into the Rich Content Editor using the Content Selector as a...

I hope this information will be of help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

So if I import a Page from Commons to multiple Courses, and I update that Page with more information that i need to send out to all Courses with that copied Page, will it update the page on every course?

Hello @MissWarnerDubin ...

No.  When you import content from Commons, it is generally someone else's content (either from a colleague at your own school or someone from another school).  I think what you are wanting to do, based on your question, is the following:

  1. Create a page of content in your course.
  2. Share that page to Canvas Commons (you can even choose to share it privately with just yourself if you want ... that's the "Only Me" option).  How do I share a resource to Commons?
  3. Use Commons to import that shared resource (page) to your other courses.  How do I import and view a Commons resource in Canvas?
  4. Later on, if you need to update that page in all courses (I like to think of this as "update once, distribute to many"), return to the page you created in the course in Step #1.  Make any edits to the page, and then save it.  Follow the steps in this Guide: How do I update a resource I previously shared to Commons?
  5. Apply the update to the page you re-shared to Commons...which should now update all courses.  See How do I view updates to resources I previously imported from Commons? for more information.

I hope this extra bit of information will be of help to you.