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How do you make final grade for assignment group show as grading scheme?

I have several assignment grups, each representing a different type of grade. I would like to display the final grade for these individual assignment groups as a grade from a grading scheme instead of a percentage to the student. For example, instead of showing 39% on the below example, I want it to show an F. This is what they look like right now.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @bbaby12321  Welcome  to the Canvas Community! I am almost positive that what you're hoping to achieve--displaying letter grades for assignment groups--is not possible on the front end of Canvas, and that is because grading schemes cannot be tied to assignment groups, only to assignments and final grades. In the event that someone has figured out how to do this programmatically, I've shared your question with the Canvas Developers group, but without back-end tweaks and hacks, I do not believe this is possible.

If this is something that you feel should be a part of the Canvas Gradebook, I'm happy to report that our product priority Priority: Gradebook Enhancements‌ is open for feedback.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there,  @bbaby12321 ‌...

I wanted to check in with you because we've not heard from you since you first posted this question on March 23rd and then received a response from stefaniesanders‌ a day later.  Have you had an opportunity to review the response from Stefanie?  If so, did it help to answer your question?  Or, do you still have questions about your initial question?  If Stefanie's reply did answer your question, please go ahead and mark it as "Correct".  However, if you still have any outstanding questions, please come back to this thread to let us know so that members of the Canvas Community can continue to help you.  Because there hasn't been any new activity in this thread since March, I'm going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered", but that won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions or comments below.  I hope that's okay with you.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Caelum!