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How do you send a group email message?

How do you send a group email message

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Hi Calvin,

I will assume you are wanting to message a group in a class and not a stand alone group created on the root or sub-account level. For the course group, it looks like a guide exists to address this issue. However, either I am terrible at following instructions or Canvas made some updates which changed the process. Either way, here is the guiding document How do I send a message to a user in a group in Conversations as an instructor?  but I will also jot down the process that worked for me, which is different than the guide:

Open Canvas Inbox

Compose a new message

Select your course

Click on Address Book icon

Select Student Groups filter

Choose Group and select ALL or choose individual or multiple group members

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Hi  @chudgins  , and  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

You can learn how at 

This process is the same regardless of user role.

I hope this helps,


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Works, but it would be easier if Canvas would provide a list of students with tick-boxes (I wanted to send a file to 36 of 42 students and their should be an easier way) .....