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How do you setup icons rather than text for modules?

Is there a way to display modules as Icons?  Like this.


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Hi  @greg_bergel  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  There is not, and this is largely by design, as explained by  @Robbie_Grant ‌ here:  How do I change the visual design of a Canvas module?  There are also good reasons for this from an accessibility perspective. 

However, one thing you can do within Modules is add icons.  This is mentioned by  @klundstrum ‌ in this older feature idea that is in Cold Storage: .  (You will have to join the Cold Storage‌ group to see it in full, but that's okay....basically Kristin suggested the following two sites to embed icons within the titles of modules:  and EmojiCopy | Simple emoji copy and paste by EmojiOne™ .  You can copy/paste an emoji within the module title.  To that list, I would also add:  .)   

Frankly, I sometimes wonder if emojis are considered accessible.  This thread in the WebAIM site indicates they can be a mixed bag.  Anyway, if you use them, be aware that they display generally fine in Chrome and Firefox; not so well in Explorer.  (And as you spend more time in this Community, you will learn that us Canvas veterans generally shy away from using the Explorer/Edge family for other reasons, as well.)

I hope this helps a bit, Greg!

Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @greg_bergel  and may I add my own Welcome to the Canvas Community! I've flipped the format of your post over to an open-ended discussion from a question, since it's not likely that a single response will emerge as uniquely correct.

If you're interested in investigating HTML solutions for images (rather than "icons" per se) that link to modules, you'll find lots of ideas in the Instructional Designers‌ group. I've shared this discussion with that group, so you won't need to join the group to see their suggestions appear here nor do you have to join to browse through the resources—but if you'd like to join so you can comment on discussions and questions in the group, you can easily do so by clicking on the link to the group and selecting Join Group from the Actions dropdown at the upper right of the group home page.

One of my favorite resources for creating a home page is Home Sweet Homepages without Tables , in particular because of its sensitivity to a mobile-friendly UX. But there are so many creative ideas in there, I'm hard pressed to stop there—so please look through the group for ideas!

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The two pages listed in the second post do not work (unless they are within a specific group? If so, they are not explicit with that.) This is what I get when I try opening both pages: