How do you unsubmit an assignment?

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I submitted the wrong assignment and I dont know how to unsubmit it .

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Hi  @spadilla42 and welcome to the Canvas Community
It's not possible for a student to remove a file they've submitted to an assignment. However, as long as the deadline for the assignment has not passed, you should be able to submit a second file. I suggest that you contact the teacher for this assignment to tell them that they can ignore your first submission and check with them that it's OK for you to submit a new file.
Teachers also can't remove student submissions so if the teacher decides that your first submission does need to be deleted they will need to log a support call with Instructure - the company who provide Canvas - and ask if one of their engineers can remove your original submission. Hopefully this won't be necessary and the teacher can just ignore your first file and mark the new one you upload.

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Students must be allowed to unsubmit their work. If they turn it in then realize they forgot to add something I as a teacher have to make a phone call to Canvas/Instructure to have it removed??!! Huh? Google Classroom totally allows this and I have no idea why Canvas would not. Even allowing them to unsubmit after the due date then resubmit should be no problem. Why Canvas do you lock in a students submission? And a teacher can't even unlock it. This is crazy to me. 

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Agreed. I wonder who I should contact to give this feedback?  There are multiple reasons why you would employ an unsubmit feature: students need to make changes, teachers give feedback and then have the students take the feedback and resubmit, group work, issues of cheating, etc. At least teachers should be able to unsubmit work. Canvas should consider this. 

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You can set an assignment to allow unlimited submissions so students don't need to unsubmit.  They can just resubmit the assignment and you will see both submissions and the timestamp in SpeedGrader.

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