How does analytics record quiz participation when students can make more than one attempt?

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Morning All,

I understand that starting a quiz and submitting a quiz each registers as a ´participation´ for analytic reporting purposes.

My question is, in a case where a student can attempt a quiz more than once, are the start and/or submission of each quiz attempt recorded as separate participations?

In my case, I have a quiz with multiple attempts where students must get all answers correct before unlocking a piece of video content. If Student A gets all of the questions correct on their first attempt, this is reported as two participations (1 x start quiz, 1 x submit quiz). If Student B needs to re-attempt the quiz because they got a question/questions incorrect on their first attempt, will this be reported as two or four participations?

Thanks in advance for your help in clarifying this for me.


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From what I can tell, each participation is unique, even if it's on the same assignment according to this documentation. I'm not teaching a course this semester, but I would expect each attempt to be recorded separately.

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