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How does one bring an idea out of cold storage or archive?

The idea for Assignment Group Settings: Option to "Keep Highest" n scores has been in several different threads and has been ignored by Infrastructure. A lot of the Canvas community have commented positively. No one has commented negatively. It has received about 80votes, but over several different posted ideas. I think that is why it has been ignored. It is time to consolidate the votes and repost for vote. It is an essential change to the way Assignment Group Grades are calculated so students can follow their progress accurately. See the links below: 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @gdefalussy  ...

I am not sure if this will completely answer your question, but you can find out more about the "Archived" and "Cold Storage" stuff by visiting:  Check out the sections on "Can I resubmit an idea after it is archived?" and "What is 'Cold Storage'?".  I hope this helps, George.

Community Team
Community Team

 @gdefalussy ‌,  @chofer ‌ has given you great guidance! As the resource to which he linked explains, when an idea does not garner a high enough vote total to move to another round of consideration, it is archived, and then moved to Cold Storage. We keep that group private so that old, possibly obsolete ideas don't slow down global search results, but anyone can join the group to browse through archived ideas.

To clarify the vote totals, the highest vote total the idea for which you're advocating received in any one voting period was 51. We don't consolidate votes across different voting periods, inasmuch as the same person might have voted for that idea in all of its iterations--so adding up vote totals could effectively double-count votes, and in this case, perhaps even triple-count a few.

That said: as times change, priorities change. An idea that didn't get robust support in an earlier period might well do so today. With that in mind, anyone who wants to rewrite and resubmit an archived idea for new community consideration can do so by searching for existing ideas in Canvas Studio‌, using the suggestions in How do I create a new feature idea?‌ to write an idea that is most likely to gain support, and posting the idea as new.