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How does your institution (higher ed) share course information during add/drop, a.k.a. shopping period?

How do students and advisors at your institution get information about a course before registering, i.e., during the advising, registration, and add/drop portion of the semester? I'm particularly interested in details about syllabus/course sharing strategies via Canvas, but would like to hear information on how this is done at your school.  Thank you!

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I am not sure if I am answering your question correctly.  Our courses are listed on a schedule online.  Students are then able to look at the courses offered, along with a description, etc.  Anyone with access to the web can view the courses offered and information.  Syllabi are usually not available to students unless they are enrolled in the courses. 

Thank you, Kylie. Yes, this is the kind of information I am looking for. I'm interested in how much course information is shared before a student enrolls, and the vehicle for the sharing.

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Community Coach

 @schneijs ​, the only information provided during registration is the general course description (which is built into our registration system). We don't use Canvas to provide extra information or the syllabus.

Slightly off topic, but would it be ok if I switched this to a discussion? Right now it's a question, which implies there is a right or wrong answer, but this seems more like a brainstorming discussion question. Thanks!

Thanks, Kona. Yes, please change it to a discussion. It is mostly a survey, so discussion makes more sense.

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Thanks! Smiley Happy

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At Columbia Business School, we provide course information outside of Canvas at​. Most of data is fed in from the business school's SIS (which also feeds to Canvas and the University's SIS). Admins in the academic divisions can edit certain info. This site is integrated into our bidding/course registration site at (again, separate from the University) for ease of student access.

What we do have in Canvas is a custom LTI tool that allows a professor (or course designer, etc.) to upload a syllabus which is then available to students for download on the courses site. I'm sure there's a reason why we built this tool, rather than incorporating this feature into the courses site, but that originated before my arrival here.

Thanks, Nelson. Very helpful info!