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How is the To-Do List sorted?

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I've noticed that the To-Do List (both on the Recent Activity page and on a specific course Home page) doesn't seem to show a clear pattern of organizing To-Do items. They don't consistently appear chronologically by due date, nor by Assignment type. Does anyone know?

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kejoutra​   @kona ​

Kerry - here is some information on what we were discussing this AM.  This information seems to largely relate to the faculty view - but some student info. is present.

We are hearing from students/faculty that students are relying on the To Do list to check due dates, etc. without going to the full calendar and/or course.  They are then missing things as not all items seem to be posted to the To Do list.

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Community Coach

Yep, this happens ALL THE TIME.

About the only thing that helps is to include links to the content and/or directions directly in the assignment (or to-do list item). It's also why we recommend making the Modules the course home page.

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Yes! I just heard from a student this weekend asking why she is not seeing everything that is due in the to-do list!

Is this expected behavior? There is also no "more" link at the bottom when I masquerade as the student (checked in both Firefox and Chrome).

I'm going to recommend she not rely on the to-do list, but when students log into Canvas, that's what they see at the top of the side bar on the right. Confusing to them for sure!