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How to Edit a Module With a Document Attached

Is it possible to update a document that is already in a module without deleting that entry and making a new one?

For example, I have something in my 1-1 Module called Lesson 1-1 Practice Sheet.  It is a Word document.  I noticed an error in the document, so I changed it.  But how do I now get the document back into the module without having to completely delete the Lesson 1-1 Practice Sheet entry and putting in an entirely new one? 

When I originally made it, I used the + sign in the module, then added a Page to the Module, then renamed it Lesson 1-1 Practice Sheet, then edited that and used the Upload Document to put the document in.  When a student (or me) clicks on the Lesson 1-1 Practice sheet in the 1-1 Module, this document opens up. 

But, my question is, how do I change it now that I found an error. The Edit Item below only allows me to change the name or indent - it doesn't allow me to change the document.  Thank you.  I have been completely deleting and remaking them but it seems like there must be an easier and shorter way to do this.

This is what the page looks like when the students click on it in the module --- there is nowhere for me to edit it -




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Hi @natsmy 

If you go to your files and locate the Word Document, you can drag and drop the most recent version from your computer into the files folder in Canvas.  It will ask you if you want to replace the existing file. Do this.  The file in Canvas will be replaced with the new file and updated everywhere in Canvas.  

Note, links in modules are not where files are stored.  Links in modules are actually shortcuts.  For example, if you remove that document from your module, it will remain in your course in Canvas until you delete it from the files. The same is true for any activity or resource such as pages, discussions, and assignments.