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How to Fix Mic Permission Issues on Samsung Galaxy 7

I have a student who is using an older Samsung Galaxy 7. She is able to access Canvas both within the app and Google Chrome, but her mic won't work when joining conferences. We've tried the following:

    - Site permissions/settings within Google Chrome

    - App permissions for both the Canvas Student app and Google Chrome within Samsung's settings 

    - Uninstalling and re-downloading Chrome app

We've toggled permissions on/off a few times but it still won't work. She's able to listen within the conference and her mic works during a phone call, so it's not as if the hardware is broken. 

I'm out of ideas for how to fix this remotely - does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance! 

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Hi,  @jennifer_belden . I know some of this information will be redundant, but I would start with How do I view Conferences in the Student app on my Android device? which also has a link to even more comprehensive documentation and troubleshooting steps from BigBlueButton. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Jen - Does this student have a different experience when using earbuds w/mic vs. just the handset?