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How to add a peer evaluation component to an existing assignment

I'd like to create a peer review process for groups to evaluate their teammates' contributions to group projects. 

In the first part, students will write a statement attesting to their own contributions to the project. The group members (not all the students in the class) would need to see each other's attestation statements.

Then, based on those statements, teammates would complete a peer review. The course director has written the peer review questions for students to answer. The peer reviews should be visible to teachers only.

Is the only way to do this to create it in two pieces--one, the group assignment for the attestation statements and, two, an individual quiz for the peer review? I can definitely do it that way, just wondering if I am missing something simpler. I know there is a peer review function for assignments in Canvas, but it doesn't seem like they can be personalized with the questions we want the peers to answer. Thanks for any help.

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