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How to add an External App link to Global Navigation Menu

Hello everyone,

Is there any option to add External App (LTI compliant) to the Global Navigation Menu? If yes,  how to do it. Thanks in advance!

lti canvas‌using canvas‌global navigation menu‌menu‌menu icons‌custom menu‌

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This is fantastic! Thanks @chriscas 

@chriscas thank you for this code. 

I was looking for similar solution to add a link to the Global Navigation Menu and found this. 

I'm a beginner with this type of coding task in Canvas. 

Can I ask two questions please:

where in Canvas (admin level) is the icon library ? you say "replace the "" url's with appropriate values for an icon" but I am not sure where is my icon library in Canvas ? surely there is one (and presumably I can add custom icons to this library?)


2nd question :

shouldn't window target _blank, open the link a new window? it opens in the same tab , how can I change this?


many thanks 

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Hi @ShimonAgur ,

For the Icon, I don't believe Canvas gives a place to upload your own natively.  We have ours in am amazon s3 bucket, but anywhere that allows https hosting should probably work.

For the opening, the windowTarget of _blank should definitely open in a new tab.  If it's not working, are you sure you have it spelled exactly right, without any extra spaces or anything?





thank you so much for your super prompt reply. will try tomorrow morning and report !

much appreciated!

The LTI option is really useful.  Thank you for sharing.  It looks like _blank isn't working in our installation though.  Has anyone else had trouble getting the link to open in a new tab or window?