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Hi there,

We regularly come across an issue with the Canvas editor where if you delete the text in a link, without using the unlink button, the html for the link remains in the page. This then appears as additional or broken links in the link checker but unless you know HTML it's not clear how to remove them. 

Is there a way to remove these links in the RCE without using the HTML view?



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Howdy @matthew_taylor1 ,

Thanks for asking your question. You are correct as to the best way to avoid no text links is to use the "unlink" option in the RCE before deleting text that contains a link. You are also correct that the only way, that I am aware of, is to remove that no text link through the HTML view. Sorry, there isn't a better answer.

Some universities have access to UDOIT, which can help resolve issues like these.

Hope that helps,

Sky V. King, FIU Online

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