How to cancel a course import?

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I wanted to show a colleague how to import content into a course, and I was showing him the steps provided by  @James_Kocher_UF ​ in the post  Once I got to the step to import the information I no longer needed to proceed with the demonstration.  That is when I could not figure out how to cancel the import.   There is a cancel button on the page listing the content that you want to select to import; however there is no cancel for the overall action of importing. Anybody have any ideas?



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Community Coach

 @Ron_Bowman ​, as far as I'm aware there is no way to cancel a course import once it gets started. Yet, if you want to clear it out once it's done you can "Reset Course Content" - How do I reset course content? Side note - this will delete EVERYTHING out of the course, not just the recent import.

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