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How to effectively use imported state outcomes data

I have imported my state's objectives as outcomes into my courses and I have them aligned with question banks and rubrics. Each outcome will be used multiple times because of the way my instruction is set up. This is mostly because of the way the objectives are set up - it's impossible to teach one objective completely at a time and have it make any sense. For example, one objective is roughly "analyze turning points over time in terms of causes and effects." Can't do that all at once! And all of the objectives are like that. It's completely impractical to finish an objective and then assess it; I need to assess the objective as I go. I also need to have multiple banks aligned with a single objective, because on any given quiz I may be assessing a different part of the bigger objective.

However, the objectives are automatically set at "3 points = mastery" and tracking the highest grade - which is not helping me, because as soon as a student gets hits the mastery minimum on one assessment, they're marked as having obtained mastery...even though future assessments will also deal with that objective. I really need that mastery calculation to be over an extended period of time, not just from one assessment.

So I have all of this data in Canvas, but I can't figure out how to get to it in a useful manner. My Learning Mastery gradebook just shows a bunch of students with mastery for objectives because they answered one question from one question bank correctly on a quiz (even though there may have been 3 question banks aligned with the same objective on a quiz and the student got the other two questions wrong). I have discovered the individual student outcome reports, which does show averages and the artifacts that data is coming from. But to go through each student's individual outcome report almost defeats the purpose of having Canvas track outcomes (which was supposed to be ease of use).

Does anyone have any suggestions for using the outcomes in a more effective, efficient manner? It feels like I might have to write my own objectives instead of using the state ones, breaking them down into smaller pieces I can assess at one time, which I'm really avoiding having to do...there are 42 state objectives in one of my courses and around 25 in the other one, and they're all as big as the "turning points" example earlier.

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Community Team
Community Team

aa96a3f048cdb775279b489381f0bb91112d81d9bbe8978a9397b4e3a266bd0e, this is a big topic! Because the prompt invites open-ended participation, I've changed the format to a discussion. I've also shared it with the Higher Education​ and K-12​ groups to enhance its visibility.

Community Coach
Community Coach

aa96a3f048cdb775279b489381f0bb91112d81d9bbe8978a9397b4e3a266bd0e​, I did a quick search in the Community and found these two discussions that I thought might be useful - Best practices in setting up Outcomes and Outcomes: Your Experience.

Hope this helps!