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How to embed audio/video files


Our instructor already have sets of audio/video files inside Files ( Canvas)

What is best way to embed them so there will be players for users to click on?

I saw some school using a app under the app tab. Do you which one is free ?

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 @qnguyen  one solution would be to upload the videos to YouTube and link to them:

This doc provides additional guidelines regarding video files:

Please post back the solution you choose.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @qtnguyen ~ It's been about two months since we last heard from you. Did the response from  @garth  resolve your issue? For now, I will mark this question as "Assumed Answered"; that will not prevent you or others from responding. If there is a workable solution posted here, please mark that answer as "Correct"--and if you arrived at a different solution, please take a moment to update the thread. Thanks!

I have the same question. I already have the video I want to embed in the course Files. I don't want to just click on the file while I'm in the content editor because then it won't embed it playable. I also think I shouldn't have to upload the file again from my computer since I already have it in Files. How to I embed a video from Files?