How to get course app configuration custom field values through API

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I have a instructor account. In that in one course i have set some parameters and values in Custom Fields which is available in course -> settings -> apps -> view app configurations -> In that page i have chosen my item -> edit.

Is there any courses or some other API is available to get those values?.


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Hi Ravichandran,

If you are wanting to see the LTI tool configuration you can use the following API External Tools - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation to extract the configuration of those custom parameters on the tool you have configured.

I do get the sense though, that you are wanting to pull out the actual value of the mapped data. Do you have any additional information on the mapping, or the particular LTI tool in question to provide us more detail?

I am also going to share this into the Canvas Developers‌ group for you, as there are some fantastic minds in there that may have a lightbulb moment with some extra experience in this area to help you out!

Hope that helps and I look forward to hearing from you!


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