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How to grade a quiz with multiple graders at the same time?

In our course we would like to grade students quizzes (exams) with multiple teachers at the same time. We have already found out that it is possible to grades quizzes per question (e.g. first question 1 for all students, then question 2, etc.), but is it also possible to grade different questions of the same student at the same time? Or will this cause issues?

So, to clarify my question:

Let's say I am grading question 1 for student x and my colleague ends up grading question 2 for student x at the exact same time. Would that be a problem? Or should that be possible?

I would like to hear if anyone has experience with this.

Thank you for the help!

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When you say you're grading question 1, then question 2 etc. They all appear on the same page, right? Have you had many issues? I'm trying to work out if you have someone is marking question 2, and land on the same person marking question 1 - do they overwrite each other. Using *classic quiz. 

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Yes indeed. It is a classical quiz with all questions on one page. 

I am afraid that you will indeed overwrite each other when you and up grading the same person at the same time, but I am not sure. 

We have now decided to have one person start grading and the second person starts when the first one is grading the let's say 20th student, to make sure that the first person has a head start compared to the next person in order to prevent overwriting each other.

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We are using small sections to make sure they mark, finish and do not overwrite. 

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When I add moderated assignment function to my course, it only allows moderating of assignments, not of quizzes. I need to be able to have multiple blind graders on quizzes, similar to the moderated assignment function but usable in the quiz format. It sounds like this could be helpful for @i_w_a_weetering and others. @sharon_kitching et al, has there been any discussion of extending this function? It would be really helpful...