How to grade both a file upload and a text entry?

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I have an assignment where I want students to submit digital media content and then describe their process in the text entry.  They can either upload the digital media file itself or share a link to it with me on Canvas.  Either way, they have to put the description in the text entry. For students who uploaded a file, I can see both the file and the text entry. For students who shared a link with me, I can only see the text entry, not a link to the project.  Can I see both submissions (both the link and the text entry) to grade in Canvas?

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Hi  @riler1  Welcome to the Canvas Community. When students can submit more than one format for an assignment submission, this may come down to understanding how they view it from their perspective.  They will have multiple tabs enabled from their viewpoint when you enabled more than one checkbox for the submission.  For example, if you enabled the checkboxes for text entry as well as website URL when setting up the assignment--which sounds like it may have been the case, they will see a series of tabs, such as those shown in this online lesson under the Select Submission Type heading: How do I submit an online assignment? 

By default, SpeedGrader will show only the most recent submission.  To see the other submissions, click the Submission to view: drop-down menu that is in the upper-right corner of SpeedGrader.  That is shown here, under the Evaluation Multiple Submissions heading: How do I view the details of a submission for a student in SpeedGrader?   I think that will solve the issue in this case if I understood how everything was set up.

I hope this helps, Robyn.

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