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How to limit what a student sees?

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Before I hear the complaints that there should be transparency with the students, please read everything!

I am in the process of making a course for students to take ONLY after they have failed an end-of-unit assessment.  The students will redo the standard that he/she fails, and NOT the entire unit.  We're calling this a Rescue course and not Recovery.  (We want to Rescue them before they fail the course.)  The course is broken into the Modules and each module has the name of the standard for this semester.  For example, one of the Standards is titled F.IF.4, so this is the title of the Module.  Every page and assessment has this standard number in it to help us from being confused.

The unit that F.IF.4 goes with, has 3 other standards (now modules) with their own pages.  

I'm building the course, and will send out the necessary unit to the teachers to enroll students, when ready.  I've made a section for each standard name and will enroll the student in each section in an effort to have them see ONLY their work.  We all know that if students (these are HS students) see too many assignments, they'll take the F instead of trying the work.

The problem is, we can't find a way to keep them out of everything else.  All students who take this Rescue Course, has an "Acceptance" Quiz that we want them to take first and then start on a Mastery Path.  

We've had the students assigned to a section, but since the Acceptance Quiz was assigned to everyone, the students saw ALL assignments.  So, we've gone back and changed the Acceptance Quiz to just the standard.

Now they do the quiz, click Next at the bottom of the quiz, and go back to Modules.  They see the 1st page of the lesson, (the ONLY page we put in Modules, because, again, we don't want to discourage the students with an overload of information).  When they try to go further, it says that they are blocked from the material.

Can they NOT see the material if Pages is inactivated for them or if it's NOT in the module?

We (my team and I) are under the impression that if they have the link, they can see it.  We've tried pre-requisites and requirements in Modules, but can find a way to do what we want.  We don't think it will be a problem next year because this will be pushed into the teacher's course cards.  (PLEASE tell me if we are wrong on this thinking!  I'm retiring this year and don't want to leave my successor with a HUGE problem).  

Is it a problem because this is a stand-alone class, at the moment.

Any help will be appreciated!!!

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There was a very simple solution -- make sure "Allow in Mastery Path" button is NOT clicked!  Without this button clicked, the students can go through with the links in each page!

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Hi Jennifer,

By "material", are you talking about pages?  You can hide the "Pages" navigation link from students, and students can still open the page with a URL/link as long as the page is published.  If the page isn't published, they will get a "not authorized" error.


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We went in to "Student View" and, even with the pages published, got the error message.  We were using Edge, I think at the time.  

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Hi  @9927744 ‌,

I'm not sure if I know exactly what's going on, but it sounds like the Pages are showing up OK in the modules with just the link, because the students were able to access the 1st page. If that's correct, then the issue is more likely the permissions for the next item in the modules, which the student you're testing probably can't access because it's assigned to some other section/group. Does that make any sense?

I don't know exactly how much you're going to be putting in for the students to do, but it might be easiest to just make a content page for each different "rescue" set of assignments and linking from there. Having them click "next" through the modules when only certain things will work might be challenging to perfect.

Hope that helps!


I'm going to have to try that.  I had the pages in Mastery Paths, but not in the modules.  I still got "kicked" out after the 2nd page.  We made buttons at the bottom of the pages with direct links hoping that students could move through with that.  However, those links aren't working.  We still get the error message.  It seems like we have 2 options:

1. Put ALL of the pages into Modules (which we didn't want to do because it might cause anxiety if a student saw 18 pages in a module); or

2. What you recommend -- a page with links.  However, what's to say that the students wouldn't go straight to the end and skip the lesson pages?

I appreciate your help.  This may be something, again, that I want Canvas to do and it can't.

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There was a very simple solution -- make sure "Allow in Mastery Path" button is NOT clicked!  Without this button clicked, the students can go through with the links in each page!

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