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How to link to Studio videos in a Canvas Page?

I'm building a page with videos in my Studio, but rather than embedding each video I'd like to use a standard HTML link. Is there any way to do this and still have access to student video analytics? I can't seem to find a way to link to a video within the page creator tools, and when I get a shareable link directly from a video in Studio I get a notice saying analytics aren't available for these links.

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My problem is that when I upload videos to Studio, they only sometimes come with the icon for getting a hyperlink.  Usually, if I click on the three-dot icon on the thumbnail, I only get two options: "Replace Thumbnail" and "Delete Media"  (see screen shot) Sometimes, seemingly randomly, I'll get four options (including "get public link"), but I can't predict when I'll get the four options vs. only two.  Can you tell me what's happening?344800_Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 2.14.15 AM.png

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I added the video to a module (external tool, then Arc). Then I copied the module link location to use as a link in a Canvas page. It seems to work fine, although I am still setting up my pages and haven't had students use it yet to see if the analytics are working 100%. Analytics/Insight records both the instructor and the test student views, so it could be working as desired.

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Hi latkinson‌,

It sounds like this is a variation on the workaround provided by  @pfau ‌.

The problem with both solutions is that there is no way to put all of the modules or page inside another container, so you still end up with a bunch of extra items sitting either in your modules or your pages. Obviously you can organize them by giving the files a prefix name in the pages or the modules, but you still end up with a long list of items and you've had to take extra steps to do something that ought to be quite simple (adjust the embed size when posting OR post the link only).

We can only hope that they will do something about this eventually, I guess.

This doesn't work because then your are not able to use functionality of Studio (comments, analytics, grading). I might as well just stick with YouTube -- which is what I did before.  And, then you get those YouTube adds -- I get them for Epoch Times, a right wing newspaper that tells my students that China is responsible for Covid, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.  

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Yikes. Epoch Times and PBR. Thanks for the smile.

I'm always worried about what will pop up on YouTube. It wasn't an issue on the classroom computers because of the browser not storing things day to day. But, the cookies from my laptop. Well, could be interesting depending on what I've been doing recently (archaeology? politics? politics of archaeology? every meme imaginable, some potentially NSFW?).

If anyone has advice for keeping YouTube from doing that that do not involve purging my history and cookies every single day, I'm happy to hear them. Apologies in advance for asking a kind of basic question, but I'm overloaded with not being able to do anything this summer because of the adjustments for the fall. Brain is fried.

I have the same problem and want to share a number of recorded class lectures via links on a "Recorded Classes" page. Having a page with links of the various videos is how I FEEL IS THE BEST WAY for my situation. It sounds like there is no solution at this time. Just continued attempts to convince those of us who want to do it this way that we shouldn't do it this way.

Is this something Canvas can do? It would be beneficial to a lot of instructors who have determined that links are a better solution for their situation.

While it does take extra time to create individual pages with Studio videos embedded here are some advantages I've discovered.  

  • Descriptions and other text can be added around the video.
  • Page links can be added to another "library" page.
  • Page links added to announcements show up in notification emails allowing students to quickly navigate to the page
  • Pages can be added to Students' To Do List.

Many instructors I've talk to also want to add "video library" pages. I agree it would be nice to have more embed options (video description with video hyperlink, smaller video size, thumbnail images) so they can create the types of pages they want quickly without having to sacrifice insights, etc.

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When accessing media in a specific course (Studio link in course navigation menu) there are not as many options when clicking the three dots.  Open the "master version" of the video in My Library to see the full menu options.

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Any development on this front? We too would like a link option that also has the same comment abilities and course access protections as the imbedded video.

Has anyone tried linking the URL to the video from the generated iframe embed code? It appears to work, but my concern is that it might actually link to the original course if the course is later copied as a base for a new course offering. Will comments from the original class would persist? I'm also concerned that the students may not actually have access to the link.