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How to make a change in one course and applying it to all courses like Google Classroom


I am trying to figure out how to make a change in one course, and have it be applied to all my courses without having to do the same actions over and over. For example, in Google Classroom, I can create an assignment and have it populate to all my courses -- which saves me time. Is it possible to do that in Canvas? If so, how?

Thank you all so much!


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good afternoon, @MrDriver ...

Yes...there are ways to do this in Canvas.  It's kind of an "update once, distribute to many" process.  Do you know if your Canvas environment has Canvas Commons?  Commons Overview (Instructors)  If you have Commons, you could create a "master" course where this course will house the course content.  Then, when you are ready, you can share that course to Commons.  How do I share a course to Commons?  Once you have shared your course to Commons, you would then import the course from Commons to the other courses.  How do I import and view a Commons resource in Canvas?  Any time you need to make a change to content that exists in all those courses, you make the change only in the "master" course.  Then, you share the course back to Commons so that it is updated there.  How do I update a resource I previously shared to Commons?  Commons should then give you a notification that there was an update to your shared resource, and you can then use Commons to update the other courses.  How do I view updates to resources I previously imported from Commons?  This process works not only for an entire course, but it also works for individual content..such as an assignment or a content page.

Another possible option for you is to use Blueprint courses.  This method has some similarities to using Commons, but there are some additional features (such as locking down content) that Commons does not have.  You have a "master" course...but you designate it as a "Blueprint" course.  And then there's an interface that lets you sync "child" courses with the "Blueprint" course.  Here are some Guides:

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!