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How to make file URLs open in browser instead of downloading?

I'm using direct file URLs to link to files in Canvas (along the lines of ), but the browser then automatically tries to download the file instead of just opening it (most of my files are PDFs) or previewing it.  Is there a way to generate a link which will open / preview instead of downloading?

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That magnifier lens leads to a very ugly and tiny preview, with a scroll bar within a scroll bar.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

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I know that to have a link on Canvas that does not display the preview icon will force you to download the file.

You can copy, paste and then edit the link for files hosted in the Canvas course for which you are a student.

For example on a training Canvas course  with no preview icon: 

Brochure entitled, “Sexual Harassment – What It Is…and How to Stop It”

I copied the link and pasted it on a new tab. This yields: 

I then edited the link by deleting the last piece (download?wrap=1 ) that gave me:

This link opens the Canvas page where the file preview is available.

So I don't have to download it and save it in order to view it.

Hope that helps somewhat.

Yes, but to have students do that for every file they want to open rather than download is a non-starter. It is ridiculous that if I want my students to be able to open a PDF of a reading or handout from a link in Canvas that their ONLY option is to download it!  Stupid. Fix this, Canvas!