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How to play media (video) in locked screen (Android)


Is there a way to allow media (in this case video) to keep playing when you've locked you (Android) phone? I know there's a solution for iPhones, but that doesn't apply in this case. There doesn't seem to be any options for this in the Canvas settings (be it in the app or system settings).


Anyone got any bright ideas? I've tried googling, but the closest thing I've found is a couple of dodgy third-party apps that mainly focuses on allowing YouTube playback (which don't work in this case).


  • Canvas Student: version 6.10.0 (newest version)
  • Android: version 10. (newest version)
  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 9
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Community Coach
Community Coach


I have not heard of a way to do this on Android, but it could depend on the type of media you are watching. Is it instructor created video embedded into the course or is it video embedded from a website (like YouTube)? 

Community Coach
Community Coach


Were you able to find a solution to this? I haven't heard about any other workarounds and wanted to see if you had anything new to share. 

Apologies for the late reply. I have been trying to find any more third party apps, but with no luck. The video is embedded into the course. 


I know in other app, you can simply grant the app permissions to play media, but this option isn't available for Canvas. So it might be Canvas itself that need to sort this in a future update.