How to post an overview of a course for general public?

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Is there an option to post like an overview of a teching course on the webpage of Canvas or any related page?

So future students or anyone interested could have a quick look on the contents of the course and main features without creating an account with Canvas or logining into the Canvas itself?

Thank you

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Community Coach

Hello there, @eikosw9 ...

What if you had a Canvas course where the visibility of the course on the "Settings" page was set to "Course" (so that people would need to log in to access the course), but the "Syllabus" visibility was set to "Public" (so that anyone with the link to the course "Syllabus" page could view that page)?  The "Syllabus" URL might look something like this...which would be a public URL:

...but yet if you go to the course "Home" page:

...they would still need to log in to Canvas in order to see the main course content.

This Guide, How do I customize visibility options for course c... - Canvas Community, may be of help to you.

Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, and be well.

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