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How to prevent students from changing Google Drive files after submitting them?

There are two problems with the new Google Drive LTI 1.3 tool. My colleagues and I use the file upload setting for submissions. If students use the old Google Drive tab, the Google Doc is converted to a Word or PowerPoint file, the students can no longer make changes to the submission (not without re-submitting), and teachers can grade it with Speedgrader. 

If students use the new Google Drive LTI tab, then the submission remains a live file, students can change the file after submitting (their way to cheat the due date), and teachers can't use Speedgrader to grade it. 

From another post, it looks like they are working on the Speedgrader integration, but is there a way to stop students from changing the files? I know I can check version history on the Google Docs, but I would love not to have extra steps added to grading. 

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Question: Do you no longer have the other tab available, as Google recommends that admins leave it in addition to the new Assignments LTI 1.3? If you do, then mandate that they send it to you using the proper tab.

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I do have the old Google Drive Tab, and I am mandating it, but there are two problems that prevent this suggestion from being the permanent solution. First, it's not sustainable; Canvas is likely to phase out the old tabs. Second, students are not that detail-oriented and additional rules around submitting assignments (beyond "upload the file to canvas") are confusing. I would like to be able to adjust these details in settings on my end. 

(Honestly, my goal with this post is that the developers monitor this forum and will add this functionality)

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Can you have the students convert their Google Docs files to PDF or MS Office files, and then submit them?

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I am trying to avoid extra steps for students turning in work. I really just want a setting so the teacher can control it. Hoping the dev people see these forums. 

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In testing this, when using the new Google LTI 1.3 tab, it does not maintain live status. The Google Doc is downloaded as a docx file and then submitted, which I believe to be the intended function.





As for the old Google LTI, it should not be a "live" version either. So I'm not able to reproduce this behavior.

We do not have the old version active any longer as we had too many problems with authorization and access.

Chad Scott
Katy ISD