How to put an image on my course notice

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1. HOW can I contact SUPPORT FOR CANVAS?

2. HOW can I put an IMAGE in my course sandbox area... All it lets me do is select a COLOR?

3. The EDIT A TABLE feature in CANVAS syllabus does not work. It overlaps text

NOT sure how to get help on these issues.

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Canvas support is typically submitted by your institution's IT department. Depending on your setup, the Help menu on the left may have other resources you can use to get help with problems.

Adding an image to the course is something set by the Institution as Off, Allow, or On. If you don't see the option, your Canvas admins haven't enabled it for your account.

As far as editing a table, there isn't a whole lot I can suggest without actually seeing it. I know that the Syllabus tool in Canvas is essentially a specialty page. You could create a generic Page and title it Syllabus for reference. There's also this guide on using tables in Pages which might help.

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