How to recover overwritten assignment?

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Last semester I created an assignment, let's call it Lab 1. I am using it as a template for the current semester. So I go to last semester's assignment and go to Copy to... and then select my current semester's course. I then go to my current semester's course and rename Lab 1 as Lab 1a. I modify this Lab 1a's content to make it relevant for this semester's content.

Now it's time to create Lab 2. I go to the previous semester's course as go to Copy to... and do the same thing. I go to the current semester's course and there are now two links to Lab 1. Both of them link to the same assignment: a copy of last year's Lab 1. Lab 1a is gone but fortunately the submissions are still there, somehow labeled as Lab 1's submissions.

How do I recover the content for this year's Lab 1a? How do I make a Lab 2 that's based on last year's Lab 1? What is the proper way of using a previous course's assignment as a template to be reused multiple times in a new course?

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