How to remove YouTube thumbnail in content blocks?

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I have links to YouTube videos using the href tag in HTML. Whenever I save the page, a thumbnail shows of the YouTube video, however, I just want the link to show as text and not show as a thumbnail as well. How can I achieve this?

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Hi  @brian_t_anders ‌

Hmmm................ it wasn't that long ago that folks were asking for the thumbnail - just shows to go yah!

I do not know a way, but I am certain that some of those quick-minded, sharp-brain folks in the‌ and‌ groups.

Agent K

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OK,  @brian_t_anders ‌, I played with it. Here's the code (first piece is with a thumbnail, second bolded piece is without):

<p>As described in <a href="">YouTube guide</a></p>
<p><a class="" title="LOLCats" href="" data-preview-alt="">LOLCats</a></p>
<p> </p>
<p>Here is some text for this to appear inline <a class=" inline_disabled" title="LOLCats" href="" data-preview-alt="">LOLCats</a> more text</p>

Here's how it looks on the page:


So it's that " inline_disabled" part you'll want to add to the HTML.

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