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How to send a Canvas conversation email to multiple recipients

I have set up an anchor link in one of our LTI apps which sends a Canvas email to a single user:

<a id="sendMessageLink" title="Send Message via Canvas" href="{CourseID}&user_id={UserID}&user_name={Firstname}%20{Lastname}" target="_blank">
            <span class="fa fa-envelope-o envelopeMsgLink-Icon" aria-hidden="true"></span>

I have 2 requirements to fulfil using this message link:

  1. Is it possible to construct the href url to pass in multiple recipients?
  2. Is it possible to email a group within a course?

Thanks in advance.

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Community Team
Community Team

sheenapatel‌, due to the technical nature of this question, I've shared it with the‌ group.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello sheenapatel‌...

I thought that I would check in with you because we haven't heard from you since you first posted this question on March 22nd.  It seems as though you may have stumped the Canvas Community with your question.  Have you been able to come up with any solution or resolution on your own since you first posted this question?  If so, would you be willing to share what you've found back here with the Canvas Community?  Or, are you still looking for some help with this question?  In either case, please come back to post an update so that, if need be, we can continue to help you.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Sheena!

Community Coach
Community Coach


Hello once again.  It's been over three months since you first posted your question here in the Canvas Community.  I am hopeful that you have been able to find a solution to your question since then.  But, if you are still looking for some help, please come back here to post a message for the Canvas Community.  I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered"...not because anyone has been able to provide a response...but because we've not heard from you and there hasn't been any new activity in this thread for quite a while.  But, by all means, please come back to this thread to provide us with an update.  Thanks Sheena!