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How to set up assignments for 2 and 4 credit students in a class?

Can anyone tell me how to set up a Canvas course in which some students are taking the course for 2 credits and some are taking it for 4 credits, whereby the 4 credit students have more assignments to complete than the 2 credit students? For instance,  can they all be in the same section, or do I need to have different sections? How can the grade book work for both?'

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If you must have them in the same course, I would do separate sections. That way, you can create assignments and only assign the extra ones to the 4 credit section.

You would add all the assignments to the module. The 2 credit students would  see the assignments assigned to everyone (assuming 4 credit do all assignments) and the 4 credit students would see the assignments assigned to everyone and then the extra assigned to just their section.


Chad Scott
Katy ISD

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Thank you.