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How to set up progressive assignment with peer reviews?

We would like to come up with a good way for Groups of students (by major) to give peer reviews (weekly) to several other members in their Group in a Thesis writing class. We have a form for them to complete, not a rubric, and don't want the reviewers to see other reviews until they submit a review (or never). The only graded assignment will be the final draft Thesis. We would like to have the reviewers chosen at random automatically, but only within the Group.

My best solution, so far, is to create a Group for each student. That would be one person in each Group. Make a Weekly assignment for the updated thesis to be uploaded, make them Peer Review assignments, complete or incomplete, reviews due 2 days after assignment. Am I missing something easier?

Pro's - Students have a place to submit, peer reviewers can't see other reviews, student and faculty can see all submissions and reviews, Weekly assignment is easier than a messy Discussions board.

Con's - The faculty still needs to manually attach each peer reviewer, a lot of work to set up Groups with individual students.

PS. is there any way to get the same Discussion options in the Group pages as in the Course pages? It would have been a lot easier if we could have had the option, in a Group Discussion, to not allow students to see submission until after they submitted.

Thank you for everything you all do,


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