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How to show start time rather than due time for a quiz on the calendar?

It is really confusing for students to see the due time for quizzes on the calendar. It make sense to show due time for assignments but it is really awkward for quizzes. I searched everywhere but cannot figure out how to change that.

If it is not possible, is there a way to remove the automatic calendar entry from the calendar without affecting the quiz? 

If this feature is not available, can I request it some where?

Thank you!

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HI @xfang1 

In Canvas, a due date is understood to be when work is meant to be completed and/or submitted.  Changing that up, in my opinion, would be confusing.  

However, in Canvas, due dates don't stop students from accessing activities or submitting work.  The availability dates do that.  So, you could set the due date to the time you want students to begin the quiz and then set the available dates for when you want to cut off access to the quiz.  Note, I think this will trigger late submission responses for each student submission to the quiz.  As it's not how Canvas was designed to work.

The only way I know to remove the automatic calendar entry would be to remove any due and available dates on the quiz.  You could then create manual calendar events for when you want students to start the quizzes. 


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Thank you for replying! Students only care when a quiz start and how long it last. Due time is not meaningful to them. I have seen students showing up at the end of exams many times in our college because they didn't read their calendar carefully and took the due time as the start time. Using the trick to set the due time at the starting time will introduce another confusion that I have to explain to every student, not worth it. I will probably just remove the due time of every quiz and add events manually.