I am not able to view videos, can you help me?

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I am not able to view videos, can you help me?

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Hi  @ethanswilliams0  Welcome to the Canvas Community. You may not realize it, but you submitted your question to a worldwide community of Canvas users who exchange information about Canvas and ask general questions about the system. As such, we do not have access to your specific institution's sites.  Also, do you mean you cannot even see where the videos are in a class, or you've found the videos, but cannot view the videos themselves?  If the latter, your best bet is to make sure your browsers are all up to date as well as double-checking their security settings, as outlined here: Which browsers does Canvas support? , especially if these are videos embedded within Canvas directly. But even then, Canvas allows several type of "plugins" that your institution may be using that integrate with Canvas.  I cannot tell from your email what your institution is, so you may want to reach out to technical support there.  

If you cannot even find videos that you are supposed to be seeing, it's best to contact your instructor. (Help>>Ask Your Instructor a question, within Canvas.)

Hope this helps a bit, Ethan.

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