I can't mute an assignment for a section with the section-specific button. 

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 After I grade the first paper assignment, I select "hide grades."  I then tick off the button that indicates that the grades will be hidden for the entire section, not just the one student.  But this button doesn't work. What's the purpose of this button if not to select the section? 

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Hi  @ffritz  

I don't use the Grade Posting Policies in my courses, but in this guide How do I select a grade posting policy for an assignment in the Gradebook? it states.........

If you select a manual course posting policy after assignment grades have already been entered, the policy will not apply retroactively and any posted grades will remain visible. You can hide posted grades from the assignment's Options menu. Additionally, when assignment grades are hidden, students cannot see their assignment grade, instructor comments, or grade change notifications.

This tells me that you have to set the posting policy, before you grade.


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