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I cannot believe that students can't view annotations!!

What is the point of teachers being able to annotate student submissions when they can't even view them on a desktop browser?? In fact, they can't view ANY of their past assignment submissions on a desktop browser. Only on a mobile device. What sort of a useless LMS is this??

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Students are able to view annotated feedback in the browser on a PC/chromebook.

I would make sure they are using an up to date version of Chrome for best experience. If you continue to have issue with this feature, I would suggest submitting a Canvas support ticket, include a link to speedgrader with an annotated assignment feedback example and student ID.


Chad Scott
Katy ISD 

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Hi Chad,

Every time I submit a ticket, I get an auto-response that says they cannot help people with free accounts. So there is no help for me from Canvas.


  • Students are able to view their annotations through a browser on the most recent submission, and Chad has provided the link to the instructions for students.
  • The long-standing feature request for students to be able to access annotations on previous submissions is the topic of discussion at  Student view: View submissions and comments for al...  . This is an actively monitored discussion that ties into our development of Student Assignment Enhancements.
  • For schools who have already enabled Student Assignment Enhancements, the feedback process has similarly been enhanced, as described in   How do I view assignment feedback from my instruct...
  • As you've noted, students can view their previous submissions through the Canvas Student app.
  • Last, the  Free-for-Teacher Account FAQ  details the support that Instructure provides to users of our free Canvas product. 
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Hi Stefanie,

Yes, I saw that discussion, which started in 2015!! That's how I knew that students aren't able to view previous submissions. And given that it's been 6 years and  Canvas still has not done anything to fix that, I will assume they aren't working on that anytime soon. 

Can a free account enable Student Assignment Enhancements?

As mentioned above, @coramdeo , Instructure has been and continues to actively work on this. We haven't yet set the date on which Assignment Enhancements will be turned on in Free For Teachers accounts, as it is still a feature preview in active discovery and development.

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It doesn't look like Instructure is working on this idea. The link you posted above to the idea discussion still says "open for conversation." It's not even close to being "in development" yet.