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I don't want ungraded New Quizzes in the gradebook

I've started using New Quizzes.  They are ungraded practice quizzes.  From the Assignments page, I click "Edit" on the new quiz, and then "More options".  The box that says "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade" is checked, the assignment is worth 0 points.  But the assignment is still showing up in my gradebook, anyway.  Students who have taken it have 0/0 points.  I don't want it in my gradebook.  Students will get confused by it.  How do I get rid of it?  I've never had this issue with the old quizzes.

Edit to add:  When a student has 0/0 points for an ungraded new quiz (as opposed to having not completed it), the "grades" need to be posted/unmuted, or else students cannot view their overall grade.  

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This is not yet possible in new quizzes.  You can put all the practice quizzes into an assignment group and then there is a filter that will let you look at one assignment group at a time.  You will still always see them when your quiz is set to show all groups, and this filter does not necessarily help students.  (You can also set your assignment groups weights so that the practice quiz group is worth 0% and then it is OK to have the quiz show an actual score and let students track their progress.)

You can set the grade posting policy for the practice quizzes to automatic so that you do not have to constantly post the grades for those.  If you have manual posting set for the entire course, just select the drop down menu from the quiz title(s) to set the specific policy for that quiz to automatic.