I got a new e-mail address. How do I delete the old e-mail address from my account after adding the new one?

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I got a new e-mail address, and was able to add my new e-mail address to my account but unable to delete the old one.

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Hi  @heckj  Welcome to the Canvas Community. You didn't indicate if you're an instructor or a student, but the basic instructions for how to remove an email address are the same regardless and are (for the record...) covered here:  https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10594-4212710336 under the Delete Email Address heading.

Assuming that's what you did, you will want to contact your institutional support to see if they have disabled this ability. Some institutions will not allow anyone to remove, for example, the institutional email.

I hope this helps a bit, Jaime. Stay safe!

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