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I'm looking for an LTI tool, to help create a self-paced learning module.

I'm looking for an LTI tool that would allow for the creation an interactive lesson similar to the tool we found in Moodle. This tool re-routes students to different questions based on whether they answer correctly or not.

This is a description of what I'm looking for:

   "The Lesson activity in Moodle provides interactive content to students. A Lesson is essentially a learning module constructed of web pages with built-in navigation. These web pages can contain text, media of various types, and quiz-style questions. The instructor can design each page to “jump” to another page based on student input. In this way, the pages do not have to appear in a linear fashion. The instructor sets the jumps so that the route a student takes through the Lesson will depend on the answers he or she gives to questions.
Although easy to create, Lessons require detailed planning when using complex navigation based on right and wrong answers. Careful design work prior to building a Lesson activity in Moodle ensures students receive the desired benefit.
You may choose to grade a Lesson, or you can use it without grading. If graded, the scores automatically appear in the course gradebook.
There are two parts to creating a Lesson. As with all activities, begin by setting the parameters of the activity on the Lesson settings page. After building the pages, set the navigation of the Lesson.
To master this powerful instructional tool, practice creating short Lessons that use the default settings. You can implement more complex Lesson activities as your confidence grows."

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Hi cbishop‌, 

Not sure you need a separate LTI for this.

Have you looked at How do I use MasteryPaths in course modules?  and other Mastery Path documentation.

In the future, you can find help like this and more with more easily.

You might also find handy.