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I need to be removed from the courses I've made. Another teacher is taking over my courses

I need to removed myself from courses I've made. I've tried going  to people and that didn't work. Another teacher has taken over my courses and I don't want to get  notifications. I've read solutions from other uses and none of them work. 

How do I get ahold of  a Canvas administrator to do that for me??


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Community Coach

Hello there, @danette_dorotic ...

Do you have an Online Learning/eLearning department at your school?  I assume that you would be able to find a local Canvas administrator in that department if you are unable to remove yourself from courses in your school's Canvas environment.  Since the vast majority of Community users would not have access to your school's Canvas environment, we wouldn't be able to help removing you from your course(s).  I hope this will help a bit...good luck!  Stay safe...be well.

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