I sent a message to my teacher. It's not showing up in my messages. How do I find it for referral?

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I asked a detailed question of my teacher and forgot to copy and paste it into a separate document. I really need the info that I posted - for an assignment I'm working on - and I don't know when he'll get to reply. Why don't my messages to the teacher show up, while messages between me and other students do? How can I get to them? (I sent him one other question a few weeks ago, to which he replied, and that's not in my inbox either.)

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Good morning, @DeborahCOwen ...

Have you looked in your "Sent" folder of your Canvas Inbox to see if you can find the message you sent to your instructor?  If you take a look at the section called "View Toolbar" in this Guide, How do I use the Inbox as a student? - Instructure Community, you'll see where you can switch to the "Sent" view via a drop-down list (which defaults to "Inbox").

I hope this helps.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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