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I submitted and assignment and saw that it was turned in and 3 days later it was not

I remember it clear as day because it was my midterm I sat with for hours. I remember inputting the file in and submitting it because I just finished revisions. Why is it that when I checked today the file was not submitted? THIS WAS NOT MY ERROR, I had a friend right next to me helping me proofread before submission and I just called him to double-check if I didn't submit it in front of him. One odd detail is that there are 2 copies of the assignment    

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It is possible that you uploaded the assignment, but that you did not click the submit button after you uploaded it.  If you do not believe that to be the case, this is a question to ask canvas support.  I recommend using their 24/7 chat option if your school provides access to that through the help menu in canvas.