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Idea - Approved but not live


I am wondering if anyone can help here. I have posted an idea ( ) which has been approved (twice), but still shows as "Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea". Am I missing something here?

Shouldn't this be live (i.e., available for voting) after it has been approved?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

HI  @l_p_oreilly  Thank You for your question, and good on you for submitting a feature idea.

This might help you come to grips with the feature idea process 

Sing out if you need a hand. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @l_p_oreilly  Welcome to the Canvas Community! All posts created by members who have just joined the Canvas Community initially land in a general Moderation queue, and the "approved" notification you received indicates that a moderator reviewed the content and released it to the Ideas forum for further consideration by the Community Team.

That initial moderation process, applying only to brand-new users, is separate from the evaluation of the idea itself. Your idea is one of many currently being evaluated, and as the document to which Bobby linked states, ideas in the Initial Stage can remain in that stage for several days.

Hi stefaniesanders,

Thank you for the warm welcome and explanation. It now makes sense now. Sorry, I didn't understand that from the feature idea process pageHow does the feature idea process work in the Canvas Community?



My idea has now been in the same moderation state for 2 weeks. Is there anything I need to do to move this along?



Thanks for the reminder,  @l_p_oreilly ‌. We've moved it forward.