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Image Carousel

Hello I would love to have an image carousel on one of my Canvas courses, I believe it may be possible using Owl Carousel.

If anybody has any instructions on how to do this it would be wonderful.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

anna.selway​, I haven't heard of anyone using this product, but I'm going to share this post with the Instructional Designers​, Canvas Admins​, and Canvas Developers​ groups in the Community to see if anyone from there can help.

Otherwise, here are a couple of posts in the Community that seemed related to what you are wanting:

Hope this helps!

Community Team
Community Team

anna.selway​, I'm not familiar with Owl Carousel either, but I wonder if you could create something akin to an image carousel by tweaking the code  @G_Petruzella ​ provided in his instructions for a video carousel: Video Carousel: code-snippet

Also, I changed the format of this post to a discussion, since your prompt is unlikely to elicit a single uniquely-correct answer.

anna.selway​, now that I think of it, maybe the most direct way to embed an auto-advance 'carousel' would be to drop your pictures onto a Google Slides presentation, then when you get the embed code, you'll have the option to set 'auto-advance' every 3, 5, ... seconds. Works like a charm - here's an example you can check out: World Beyond Screens: TechFest 2016

Community Champion

Hi anna.selway​ and stefaniesanders​ -

I love this idea! Just FYI, the "Video Carousel" Stefanie mentions is static - I'm not sure, but often when people refer to a carousel they have in mind something that'll auto-advance the pics. If you don't need the auto-advance feature, then go for it! But if you did have that in mind, then my video carousel isn't the right solution for ya. 😕

There are multiple code-it-yourself ways to do an auto-advance carousel, but they pretty much all rely on Javascript and/or jQuery, and I'm pretty sure the Canvas editing environment places some restrictions on what we can do with those.

Good luck and let us know how it goes! 🙂